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In the field of contract law, Di Donna law firm has defined a wide type of agreements in all areas of civil law, with a vocation both national and international.

The firm assists the clients during all the phases of the contract, with special attention to the formation of the agreement, in order to ensure that the trading is in compliance with the will of the parties, proving its stability in the time.

the same care is dedicated to assist in the pathology of the agreements, in order to furnish the best and most efficient legal remedies of the case.

in the field of contractual and extra contractual liability, Di Donna law firm performs tasks and legal assistance in the court, proceeding in any jurisdiction and with regard to the disputes concerning the many fields of its area of activity.

legal assistance in the field of pecuniary and non-pecuniary loss is completed with technical assistance, according to the specific areas of the concreate case, aiming to guarantee an objective quantification of the prejudice for a complete assistance.