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Prof. Avv. Luca Di Donna - Professional activity

Luca Di Donna carries out his professional activity in Rome, Benedetto Cairoli Square No. 6 Ap. No. 11.

He is registered to Rome Bar Council.

He is defender at Supreme Court and at other Higher Courts.

He carries out his professional activity in the following sectors :

Arbitration and controversies

He provides assistance in controversies of civil, corporate, banking, financial and bankruptcy nature, even before Higher Courts and in judicial proceedings.

Multilevel marketing, pyramidal selling and competition.

He carries out consultancy, extrajudicial and judicial assistance in the Multilevel Marketing and the Pyramid Selling sectors,  in proceedings before the Antitrust Authority too.

He gives consultancy and assistance as regards cases of unfair competition, competition-restricting agreements, abuse of dominant position and concentration.

Company and Insolvency Law

Luca Di Donna assists companies in their procedures of fusion and breakup, takeover or transfer of shareholdings, transfers of companies and companies’branches, public tenders of purchase and of exchange, due diligence, negotiation and drawing of business contracts of national and international law.

He provides legal assistance to investors aiming to purchase companies, banks , insurance companies and hotels.

He gives  consultancy and assistance as regards the establishment and management of corporate trusts and mutual funds.

He gives assistance during procedures of restructuring and turn around  under insolvency proceedings, with a particular consideration to companies, banks and financial intermediaries.

He offers consultancy in arranging programs of debt restructuring and of crisis resolution, in order to avoid companies’ bankrupt.


He gives assistance during negotiations, as well as during drafting of contracts, including the business and the industrial , the service, the supply and the distribution ones, those for commercial agencies, purchase of goods and services, contracts used in international business, in Oil&Gas sector, Gaming and Energy.

As regards Gaming sector, he gives judicial and extrajudicial assistance in favour of dealers, owners and managers in the sector of legal game.

He gives  assistance and legal consultancy in the sector of smart contracts.

Banking, financial and insurance law.

Luca Di Donna gives judicial and extrajudicial assistance in favour of credit and financial institutions, in cases involving the Supervisory Authorities too.

He gives  assistance as regards banking litigation and credit management, in creditors’ committees and in disputes connected to compound interest, banking usury and protection of savings.

He provides  consultancy also in NPL sector ( non performing loans) where he assists investors, selling companies and bank institutions.

He assists customers in debt restructuring as regards banks and in resolution of criticalities with bank institutions.

He provides consultancy and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the insurance sector.

He deals with drafting and revision of polices, investigation of risks, management of claims, assistance in proceedings involving Supervisory Authorities and assistance in authorization process.

He gives assistance to foreign insurance companies, as regards outsourcing of managing activities and claims settlement.

He provides assistance and legal consultancy in the sector of cryptocurrency.

Real estate

He provides assistance in proceedings of purchase or sale of real estate portfolios, of establishment and management of real estate funds, of drafting and negotiation of contracts ( for example, property management or service agreement and lease contracts), as well as in proceedings of financing and restructuring of real estate financing business.

He gives assistance in the organization and realization of bank financing operations, as well as of operations realized through alternative instruments of funding in capital market.

He assists companies dealing with savings’ managements, investors, real estate companies, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, building companies and developers.

He assists his customers in all phases of real estate operations, from development to purchase/ closure ( also by real estate funds or SICAF)  to lease and management of real estates.

Health Law

Luca Di Donna provides assistance in disputes of healthcare responsibility.

He gives assistance in the purchase and sale of RSA and of healthcare institutitons , as well as in management of healthcare credits.

Companies’ internationalisation

He gives assistance and consultancy to companies in their internationalisation process, as well as in establishment of consortiums, national and international joint-ventures, and in the participation in international tenders.